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The first and generally the most important part of a slot car is the chassis.

Today many variations are available from the beginners chassis of the PARMA and DEMON type, right through to the ‘Pro’ range of laser cut chassis produced by Betta, JK, Mossetti, Mack & Horky.

With many variations available our aim being to make slot racing at this level easier
and at a realistic price.

Betta RC41 Pro-F1 - Now with steel Pans
This is the ultimate chassis for, in my mind the most demanding and most prestigious event in the 1/32nd scale slot racing today. Many years of effort and many hours of design time has resulted in the Betta RC41 F1 Chassis. Made specifically for Falcon type motors but will also accept strap motors.

Betta RC31 Pro-Saloon
With a wheelbase of 9’ 00.0” this chassis has had many successes throughout the BOC rounds and at national level proving extremely reliable for National Team racing. It has been designed with simplicity and strength in mind, coupled with smooth handling capabilities. The result has been astonishing - we have now got a superbly well balanced chassis.

Chassis Build Variations Available
Choice 1 - Chassis Kit
All chassis kits consist of a superbly designed laser cut chassis blank and comes complete with fully documented assembly instructions, enabling easy and accurate assembly.

Betta RC31 Pro-Saloon
1/32nd scale laser cut spring steel chassis blank.  £29.00 each

Betta RC41 Pro-F1 MKII
1/32nd scale laser cut spring steel chassis blank with super lightweight spring steel pans. £30.00 each

Choice 2 - Assembled Chassis
Our assembled chassis are professionally built by one of the countries top slot racers, all that is left to do is fit the running gear and an appropriate body shell.

Betta RC31 Pro-Saloon
1/32nd scale chassis. £49.00

Betta RC41 MKII Pro-F1
1/32nd scale chassis. £50.00 each

Choice 3 - Ready to Run (RTR)
If you prefer we will assemble your chassis, fit all the running gear of your choice and add the appropriate balance weights required. The only thing left to do is fit a ‘Betta’ shell of your choice. Please note that prices depend largely on the equipment used i.e. Motor Set-Up, type of bearings etc. So it would be advisable to ring, write or e-mail for an exact quote for RTR chassis.

Betta RC31 Pro-Saloon RTR
1/32nd scale chassis.  from £140.00 each

Betta RC41 MKII Pro-F1 RTR
1/32nd scale chassis. Price on application.

Horky RTR
1/32nd scale chassis.
Superb design & workmanship.
Eurosports £105.00 each
Formula 1 £110.00 each

Other Chassis Makes Available

NEW JK 1/24 scale 2 piece Chassis kit - JK +24 £18.60 each
NEW JK 1/32 scale 3 piece Falcon SP Chassis -
1mm Stainless Steel Centre and 2 Separate Pans £19.75 each
Mossetti 1/32 Eurosport Kit  £POA
Mack 1/32 Falcon Sports Lovely Kit £28.00 each
Mack 1/32 Group 12 Saloon  £55.00 each
Mack 1/32 Falcon F1 Kit  £28.00 each
Mack 1/32 Open F1 Kit £55.00 each
JK Falcon F1 Kit £21.95 each
JK Sports Chassis Kit for Falcon Motor £21.95 each

Betta ‘B and C’ Chassis as seen in Slot Car Monthly, this chassis was designed in conjunction with Hawthorn Model Car Club incorporating an adjustable wheel base with drop arm made specifically for a standard 16D motor. Developed to fit 1/24th scale hard plastic body kits such as Tamiya, Revell etc. But can also be used for 1/32nd scale. £42.00 each