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Axle Bearing
Class 5 Shielded Ballraces 3/32” x 3/16” OD Flanged £12.50 each
Oilite Bearings 1/8” & 3/32” dia bore £1.80 pair
Betta Rear Axle Tubes -
Precision hand reamed. 3/32” ID x 1.125” LG £4.00 each

Axles & Spacers
Standard Drill Blank 1/8” OD £2.50 each
Standard Drill Blank 3/32” OD £2.50 each
SCD cranked 16 SWG Front Axle £3.00 each
Betta Precision turned brass spacers 3/32” ID -
0.007” wide, 0.015” wide, 0.063” wide or 0.094” wide £3.50 pack
Or assorted pack of 5 of each size 3/32” ID £4.00 pack
Or assorted pack of 5 of each size 1/8” ID £4.00 pack
Parma 1/16” Wheel Collars - front wheel retainers 6 per pack)  £2.00 pack
Betta Pin Wheel Retainers -
specially manufactured for our pin fronts as below (6 per pack)  £2.50 pack

Guides, Braide & Leadwire
Jet Guide Only £1.70 each
Jet Guide & Nut £2.10 each
Cahoza low profile threaded graphite guide £1.30 each
Betta low profile lightened nut £1.10 each
Aluminium Guide Nut £1.20 each
Mura Teflon Guide Spacers 0.005” £1.80 pack
Prime racing Braid and Clips £1.50 pair
SCD Soft Braid 24” Roll £3.60 roll
SCD Soft Braid & Clips £0.95 pair
Slick 7 ultra Yellow lead wire £3.00 pack
Parma ‘Superflex’ Lead Wire £2.25 pack

Carsteen CS4 and CS2 Controllers - available to order £POA

Soldering Equipment
Ungar Soldering Iron Handle £11.95 each
Ungar Soldering Iron Heater - 120 volts, 50 watts £46.00 each
Ungar Soldering Iron Tip £9.00 each
Ungar Soldering Iron Heater & Tip - 120 volts, 50 watts £54.00 each
Transformer for Ungar irons £32.70 each
Ungar Replacement Sponge £2.50 each
Ungar Anti-Sieze - use to stop tip seizing to heater £3.50 each
Betta Flux £3.50 bottle

Miscellaneous Equipment
SCD Guide Plates £1.50 each
6 BA Allen Screws (6 per pack) £0.66 pack
4:40 Allen Screws  (4 per pack) £0.66 pack
Betta Aluminium Allen Key Wrench for 6 BA and 4:40 UNC £12.00 each
Betta Replacement Allen Key Tip Extra Long 3/32" shaft £6.40 each
Betta Replacement Allen Key Tip - Extra Long 2mm shaft £6.40 each
Betta NSR Replacement Allen Key Tip 0.95mm £3.80 each
Betta Tyre Truing Jig - Works off a standard drill.
The only efficient way of maintaining the size and roundness required to keep your cars on top form race after race. Supplied with 0.730” dia blank.
Please state when ordering if a different size is required. £15.00 each
Betta Tyre Truing Blanks for above. Sizes available:-
0.625”, 0.635”, 0.641”, 0.656:, 0.680”, 0.713”, 0.730” & 0.750” £8.00 pair
‘Stick it Lightly’ Goop £4.75 bottle
‘Stick it Red’ Goop - the ulitmate in super traction £4.75 bottle
Koford Tyre Traction ‘Heavy’ £4.75 bottle
VOODOO Contact / Braid conditioner £5.60 bottle
Active 8 Oiler £5.95 bottle
Betta Large Headed body pins (8 per pkt) £1.50 each
Parma Body Mounting Clips £0.53 pair
MRRC Copper Tape - approx 100ft £N/A roll
Reinforced 1/2” wide Body Mounting Tape -
Ideal for strengthening the insides of body shells £3.10 roll

Services Provided by Betta
Betta Com True, precision clocked & diamond turned £3.50 each
Betta Rear Tyre Re-Tread - standard rubber £6.00 pair
Betta Rear Tyre Re-Tread - UFRA Black Rubber £7.50 pair

Have your cars lost that winning potential? If so Betta will do a full service whether its a chassis rebuild or motor tune-up, any job can be undertaken by our servicing team, each of whom have well over 20 years of slot racing experience. It’s impossible to state a price for this service due to the variance of the time needed for each individual job, but we will be pleased to give you an estimated quote if you telephone - preferably during the evening, or write to us explaining the exact problem.

All items listed are subject to availability