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Over 50 Years
of Model Car Racing Supply
2 Hartley Crescent · Merseyside · Southport
Merseyside · PR8 4SG · United Kingdom
Tel/Ansa: +44 (0) 1704 563707 - 24 hr Answerphone Service
Complete Motors
Proslot GP12 X Plus from  £42.00 each
Pro Slot or Koford GP12 Motor BR Can, blueprinted
honed magnets & gold dust brushes from £POA each
Mura Super Wasp Motor Plus -
complete w/buss bars on endbell, high timed and tied from £38.00 each
Koford Superwasp Blueprinted £85.00 each
JK Hawk 7 £12.60 each
JK Hawk Retro £12.60 each
Slot It Flat 6 (Black) 25000rpm £13.00
Scale Auto slimline £11.50 each

‘Strap’ Motors, Kits & Accessories
Complete Motors
Pro-Slot - complete set-up £POA
Koford - complete set-up £POA
Camoza - complete set-up £POA
Voki - complete set-up £POA

Endbells & Accessories
Alpha Plastic Endbell - blank to fit Alpha Strap Cans £2.80 each
Alpha Aluminium Brush hoods £2.80 pair
Alpha Heat Sink Buss Bars £2.80 pair
Alpha Aluminium Spring Post (4 per pack) £5.45 pack
RJR Copper Wire Hardware Kit - will also fit C Can set-ups £3.20 each
Endbell Can Screws 0.050” Self Tapping £0.22 each

Mura GP12 Armature - Standard or High Timed £POA
Pro-Slot X GP12 (38, 40 or 44 degree) £POA
Mura Wasp Armature £POA
Mura Wasp Armature - Balanced, Standard or High Timed £POA
Parma 16D Armature £POA
Parma 16D Super £POA
Parma 16D Super Trued Green £POA

Mura NEW -
Super Magnum, 30% stronger than standard magnums £16.50 pair

Mura C Can £6.00 each

Mura Standard Endbell Kit - Hardware £5.60 each
Mura MKII - complete Endbell kit with ali plates & buss bars £8.00 each
Parma 16D Drilled Endbell - complete £2.60 each

Motor Springs
Mura 3 Coil Springs -
Extra Low Tension, Light Tension, Medium Tension or
Heavy Tension £1.60 pair
Camen 5 Coil Springs £1.60 pair
Camen Double Overhead, Left & Right Springs £1.60 pair

Motor Brushes
Mura Standard 36D Brushes £1.50 pair
Mura Super Big Foot 36D Brushes - the best available! £3.20 pair
Gold Dust 36D Brushes £3.20 pair

Motor Bearings
Mura Oilites for Can or Endbell £0.75 each
Mura Class 7 - Open ball race for Can or Endbell £7.50 each
Mura Class 5 - Sheilded ball race for Can or Endbell £6.50 each

Miscellaneous Motor Parts
Mura Magnet Spring £0.40 pair
Mura Fibre Motor Washers £0.95 pack
Brass Motor Washers £0.70 pack
Can Screws - used for screwing can to endbell £0.65 pair
Mushroom Headed Screws for Endbells £0.65 pair
Betta Armature Puller -
Enables the complete armature and endbell assembly,
including brushes and brush springs to be removed as
one unit, making easy work of motor maintenance.
A handy addition to the toolbox £1.90 each
Pinion Puller £12.50 each